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Yellowfin Tuna Kama Popular Asian Food Item

You might not know about yellowfin tuna kama item as this item is not commonly known in western country. But, you should realize that this item is actually very popular in Asia countries especially in Japan. Thus many of the tuna supplier in Asia and all over the world also provide frozen product of this item.  You may even found this product in many Asia markets or even Asia restaurant that located in your area. In Asia itself, the item can be found very easily on any supermarket, as well as local fishmongers. Plenty of the seafood restaurant in Asia also provides dishes that uses tuna kama as the ingredients.

Try to Eat the Yellowfin Tuna Kama Popular Food
Most of you might not even want to try and taste this tuna part since you do not know anything about this item. But actually this item is a part of tuna fish that taken from the meat right behind the fish gill area. You might recognize this item part as the tuna collar as it is commonly classified. But as this item part is not commonly eaten by westerners then this make you feel some doubt to try and eat this food item. But actually this item part is very commonly eaten by Asian so if you like the Asia food, then we suggests that you at least try to eat this item a little bit.
You should know that yellowfin tuna kama item actually taste very delicious and it is also taste flavorful so you would not regret eating it. You can easily eat this food item by bake or grill them using pepper as well as salt as the seasoning. If you want more authentic Asia seasoning, then you can try to use Asia sauce to season it. However, in Asia itself, this food item also often consume as sushi in raw condition. But since not many westerners like the taste of raw fish, then it is better for you to cook it instead.
You should really try to take a bite on this delicious tuna food product. We can guarantee that you would not regret eating it. But eating this tuna fish part itself is actually a challenge as it is not easy to get the meat off from the bone. This can be one of the reasons why westerners do not like to eat this tuna item. However, for Asian, they can easily take and eat this food item since they can take the meat off from the bone using chopstick. As you know the chopstick it is very small and easy to maneuver. Thus picking up the tuna meat from the collar is very easy using this chopstick. This is why; the food item is very popular in Asia country as they can easily eat the tuna kama.
However, if you want to, you can also try to eat the yellowfin tuna kama dishes using fork as well as spoon by scrapping the meat off from the bone. As you taste the delicious meat that this tuna collar has, you will feel satisfy with your hard work. You might feel that eating this food item need a hard work to do. But as the taste of the tuna meat from this part itself is very delicious you should really try to eat it. Some parts of the meat have taste that is similar with tuna belly that filled with delicious fats. Meanwhile some parts of the tuna meat have taste that is similar with tuna cheek.
You might feelt hat the name yellowfin tuna kama is very weird as the kama itself is actually meaning sickle when translated from Japanese. Indeed this tuna fish part is called as sickle or kama in Japan. The reason is because this part actually has shape that is very similar to sickle shape. You can try to see this part after gill part that is located on tuna fish head.
If you live in western countries, then it might become rather difficult for you to find this food item in your countries. Especially, when you do not try as hard as you should be to find it. Actually it is easier to find it if your countries has Japan market near your house as well as other kind of Asia country market. But if you do not have it then you can try to go to any fish market you have near your house. If that fish market also sell tuna fish, then most of the time, you can also purchase the yellowfin tuna kama from them.
But you might find most of them not sell this tuna part as tuna kama which attached to the fish head will be throw away by westerners. They usually only cut the head from tuna using bandsaw as the bone in this part is very hard and large. Because the head will be cut from the rest of the tuna body, then it will be thrown away afterwards. Especially since not many westerners that consume this tuna part. But do not afraid and ask your local fishwives to get this part for you next time they cut the head off. As they usually only throw this part away, then you may even able to get this part way cheaper than it should be.
But if you are interested, you can actually buy frozen tuna kama item that is professionally sold. Of course, it will have higher price but the quality of the item will also be higher. There are many tuna supplier that sold this tuna item as one of their products. They will carefully create this product with the highest quality possible. Thus you can actually find this product which sold by supplier from different countries in the world. But most of the time, those supplier will sell this product in Japan where most of the market is located. Still, it might be interesting for you to try and eat yellowfin tuna kama food once in your lifetime as this food is very tasty and delicious to make you want more.

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