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Why Yellowfin Tuna Cheek is the Best Part of Tuna Fish?

Yellowfin tuna cheek is one of the tastiest parts of tuna fish meal. Fish have a cheek? Yes, they do and many considered it as the best part of the tuna fish. Even it has been centuries that people serve fish cheek, not only tuna, as the most delicious dishes they ever have. The larger the fish then the larger the cheek part they will have just like tuna or salmon.
Moreover, you do not need to have particular recipe just to prepare the tuna fish. From very simple recipe, your tuna cheek dish will absolutely taste like heaven. In fact, they are best when cooking with simple preparation method or technique. You can cook the frozen yellowfin tuna cheek by pan frying or grilling and if you want to add some flavor, you can add light seasonings like spices or herbs and then you can sautéed the meat in olive oil or butter.
The most important point when cooking tuna yellowfin cheek is avoid to overcook it or not to cook them long since it can make the soft meat tougher and change the texture. About two minutes or so are enough to cook the yellowfin tuna cheek. The meaty taste will surely makes you want it more and more. And of course, you can try many different recipes when cook tuna cheek. You can try to prepare it with many cooking techniques as well.
The most important point when you can get a whole tuna is that never throw the fish head because you can take the cheek and the head parts for delicious dishes. Some people might consider throwing them away and just cut out the whole body to be cooked later. However, both the head and the cheek can become the most delicious parts if you knew how to prepare them particularly the head part. Of course it needs more complicated cooking method to prepare the fish head than the cheek part, but when you find a good recipes, you will surely not regret it.
Yellowfin tuna cheek special cuts, how to order them
Okay, if you go to some restaurants, they may serve many tuna dishes. But sometime the tuna head and cheek are not featured in their restaurant menus so you need to specifically order them. And since this part is really special especially in some sushi restaurants, it may cost you more and thus when eating the yellowfin tuna cheek, you need to enter and swallow it slowly and gulp it down into your stomach and you will experience the best tuna fish dish that maybe you never imagine. You can eat the fish with some condiments like wasabi or soy sauce too.
Everybody knows that the cheek is the best part of the tuna fish. However, they are limited and too little to be shared to anyone, so you might be found it difficult to order it from your restaurants unless the restaurants have large storage of whole tuna fish. You might end up fighting for it with other customers who want to enjoy eating tuna cheek.
Thanks that tuna is quite a large fish so you can hope for large size of tuna cheek to make one person dish. The part of the tuna cheek taste very rich, meaty, and really flavorful. Not to mention the tuna cheek is really juicy and it can melt in your mouth. This meat part has soft texture so you can simply cut it with chopstick or fork.
Just like we already mentioned before, you do not need fancy recipe or seasonings to prepare yellowfin tuna cheek dish. If you want to try prepare such dish at home, but you do not have any skill to prepare the cheek part like professional chefs then do not worry since what you need to do is just sprinkle it with pepper and salt and then sauté it with olive oil. After that, you will get a fantastic and delicious dish!
For your information, in Japan the tuna cheek is often called maguro no hohoniku and the tuna fish itself are mentioned as ‘The King of the Fish’ by Japanese people. So, you can imagine, next time you have a trip to some Japanese restaurants, you can try to order it there. Of course you may spend a lot of money to get this best part, but once again, you will not regret it.
How to find yellowfin tuna cheek suppliers?
Rather than order the tuna cheek in some random restaurants, you may want to look for the tuna cheek on your own and try some recipe at your kitchen. There are many tuna suppliers that offer frozen or fresh yellowfin tuna cheek. If you are lucky, you can even spot it at some local grocery stores at the end of the day.
You can look for online tuna suppliers who sell frozen tuna cheek so you can thaw it properly when your order arrives in the destination. However, you can also order for a whole tuna fish and if you have some skill then you can cut the cheek part and remove it properly from the tuna fish whole body part.
The demand of the tuna fish is quite larger in worldwide. This is why; you need to find trusted and dependable seafood suppliers who willing to sell a high quality tuna fish. First, search for the best tuna suppliers in your country or you can find them online and ask for their tuna products.
Check the qualities of their products by read some testimonies from other customers or you can ask for some sample. And if the supplier’s location is near from your place then you can just visit them directly and see how they store and process their tuna fish products. Better ask for the prices right away and ask for some discount to get cheaper prices.
The last thing to do is to ask for special order which is the yellowfin tuna cheek. Your suppliers may willing to sell to you only the parts that you ordered, however some suppliers may not allow it and you need to buy a whole tuna fish.

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