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Yellowfin Tuna Loin As Favorite Seafood Product

Yellowfin tuna loin is a tuna fish product that is loved by many people. Even all tuna product is popular since this fish is considered as a seafood product that has high nutrient thus is able to be used as a source of protein in everyone’s meal. Because of the increase popularity, demands of yellowfin loin also increased in the trading industry. This is why many factories are creating their yellowfin loin product to make use all of those demands and gain some profits from it. With all of those yellowfin loin products available, you might be wondering how it is made. 

How to Make Yellowfin Tuna Loin Products
If you want to know how yellowfin loin product is made, then you should really learn from the start. It all starts on the sea where the fishermen caught the yellowfin fish from the deep sea. Then the yellowfin fish will be gutted gilled as soon as possible to ensure its quality then it will be cooled so it can still be fresh when delivered to the shore which will take a long time to do. Actually this form of yellowfin tuna meat is the best form of tuna product that you can have. But it is very difficult for you to get your hands on them since the yellowfin itself is a very large tuna species thus it will be difficult for you to finish cooking the entire fish. That is why the fishermen choose to send their catch to the factories that will be able to turn them into yellowfin tuna loin product with more suitable size to consume.
The yellowfin loin product is still the same with the yellowfin tuna meat that the fishermen caught. The difference is only on the size which is smaller thus you will be easier to cooke them and the yellowfin loin is already getting some treatment to keep the freshness of the meat. When the yellowfin tuna is arrive on the factory, the fish will be cleaned completely where all of the skin, blood line and bone are removed.
Next the pro grader that already have certification and hired by the factory will choose yellowfin tuna meat that have high quality to be turned into yellowfin tuna loin products. To do it, the high quality meat which already separated will be delivered into the cutting production line. In this line, the yellowfin tuna meat will be cut into loins with suitable weight as the factory decided. Usually every factory has their loin weight specification which varies from 1 kilo until 10 kilos or any other weight that the customer wants.
There are two kinds of production line that the tuna loins can enter according to which tuna loins product that the factory want to make. The first one is the production line for frozen yellowfin tuna loin CO treated and the second one is the production line for frozen pre cooked yellowfin loin.
First let us see the production line to make frozen yellowfin loin CO treated which done by giving CO treatment to the yellowfin loin. This treatment is done by using cold smoke method with wood smoke that has been filtered. The treatment itself is actually done to preserve the red color that yellowfin tuna meat has which show that this meat is still fresh. If the yellowfin loin meat is not treated by using this CO treatment then by time the meat color will turn into brown color which will make the meat not appear fresh anymore even though it is already been frozen to keep the freshness. Thus this treatment is needed when creating fresh frozen yellowfin loin before sending it into the next production line.
For the production line to make frozen pre cooked yellowfin tuna loin, the loin meat will be cooked using pre cooker machine. This machine will cook the yellowfin loin inside vacuum condition and cooling it down afterwards so it can be delivered into the next production line.
Last production line that both yellowfin loin products go through is the packing and freezing line. In this line both yellowfin loin will be individually vacuum packed then freeze in -40 degree Celsius temperature to preserve the quality of the products. And that complete the making process of yellowfin tuna loin.

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